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    Exclamation Which M2 Slot on Maximus Z690 Apex?

    I just got a Maximus Z690 Apex. I've been googling for some hours and still not sure which M2 slot to use. There are 2 threads about this here but couldn't make sure as different people seem to have said different things. So Manual says M.2_1 connects to CPU and M.2_2 connects to chipset. My questions are:

    1) Will using M.2_1 slot cut down PCI-E_1 slot from 16x to 8x? If not I guess this is the slot to use for best speed?
    2) Will speed be lower on M2_2 as it connects to the Chipset? (I'll use one Samsung 980 Pro, Sound Blaster ZxR and 2 hard drives in total. Cpu is 12900K)
    3) Which one would run cooler thinking that first is above and touching VRM heatsink, also next to CPU. Other is sharing the same heatsink with chipset(Heat is a big issue where I live)?

    Note: From what I understood DIMM.2 is just for the extra additions so I'm thinking that's out?
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