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    Exclamation Asus g513qy drivers bad performance!! Help

    Hi guys! Thanks to everyone who is reading this.

    Since the last year i got my Asus G513QY advantage edition, when i got it everythings works fine but with the time
    i was getting some problems, the first one was that the Dedicated GPU was restarting but i found the solution on this forum that
    i want to thanks to all that reported it, but since a few months ago i started to have a weird problem,
    If i want to try to install the drivers for example i cant like until the 4 try because the amd launcher says that the components are incompatible or its a windows problem (already restore windows and still the same) but after like the 4 attempt im able to install the drivers and why do i want to install
    the drivers again u may ask, because for some reason 2/3 days after the drivers are installed the laptop starts perform very bad
    getting a very bad performance while gaming even just using chrome/opera/edge or discord, if try to stream everything goes to the **** and minecraft like with 60-70 frames with a lot of ms between the frames, and stuff like that. I didnt found anything about this so im making this post.
    After installing the drivers again using DDU to uninstall the old ones lit the laptop 1000 fps on minecraft while streaming for example and nothings lags
    like when i first got it.

    If anyone knows how to fix that i will be very grateful!
    (Actual drivers Recommended 22.5.1)
    (Last windows update 10)

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    sounds like buggy windows/linux install , restore reinstall so.

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