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    Unhappy R6E with CODE 00

    hello everyone

    I have the dreaded code 00 on an R6E.. this happened after psu upgrade to a new one - the psu old one is working too.

    What i tried?

    - Flash 3701 (new update) in both. the process ends correctly.
    - memories in different banks (memory LEDs light up) single, dual or quadchannel.
    - TWO CPUs different - i9 7960x and i7 7820x
    - LN2 disable
    - visually there is no damage or damaged track.
    - the motherboard turns on and off and the LEDs all light up.
    - probelt test voltages: RAM_CD / RAM_AB: 1.20v - PCH: 1.00v - VIN/VSA: No voltages.

    Always CODE 00 in LiveDash. could anyone help with something?

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