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    Question Rog Strix G533ZW audio static and whining when gaming as if wires were crossed

    When I start up games, I continue hearing a buzzing "hum" from the laptop itself like when you used to hear your speakers hum/buzzing right before a text or call would come in. It's extremely distracting and irritating. It doesn't sound anything like a fan, more of an electrical hum or whining sound possibly like a coil. Searching on the internet, other users with ROG Strix laptops have had similar experiences, but no definitive reason is given for why it happens. Some even suggested it's typical and does not warrant a servicing. Temperatures and the laptop runs fine other than the annoying hum. It's also brand new less than 30 days. The only other thing I can think of is if the disk drive is failing, but it uses SSD so I doubt that is it.

    Here is a video with the buzzing sound I recorded.

    It's still in the return period with Amazon. I'm highly considering just returning it and getting another one or even a different brand. Wondering if everyone else has this going on as well that may have a solution prior to initiating an RMA.
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