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    Quote Originally Posted by STARRAIN@ROG View Post
    Hi adam11998833,
    Do you have freezing issue since first build or after any settings or components changed?
    In addidtion to no OC, please also make sure all bios settings are default.
    Have you tried different RAM, SSD, PSU and reinstall OS?
    Thank you.
    Yes, the problems with the motherboard were from the beginning, all components were checked several times on several different disks, memories, power supplies, graphics cards, computer without any oc and all stock bios, these errors happen on windows 10 and windows 11 so this there is no difference, it seems to me that the motherboard was damaged since leaving the factory, my Polish service is not helpful at all.From what I see in other topics for people, the manufacturer replaced the boards with new ones and everything started to work, so it's probably something not working on the motherboard, maybe it's enough to fix something, solder some system
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