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    AC/DC loadline - high mohms means more voltage? - Z690 TUF


    i read an article and obviously misunderstood some information.

    I set AC/DC load line values too 60 mOhms. But the article which is related to a MSI motherboard means 1/100 of the Asus value.

    So it means 0.6 mOhms for Asus and 60 for MSI.

    After i set the AC/DC loadline to 60/60 mOhms (no warning, resulting like usual in other color for the values), the system rebooted and said CPU overvoltage error and shows after getting into the bios, 1.732 V cpu voltage.

    I was very scared and set the values both back too auto.

    After setting the values to 0.4/0.4 mOhms for AC/DC load line i got nearly similar values like with loadline level 6.

    My questions:

    Why are higher Ohm values resulting in higher voltage?

    Did the motherboard really set 1.732 V for cpu or is the shown value only a warning and the motherboard stopped higher values than x.x V (hopefully 1.5X V)? I don’t know where the maximum value for the motherboard is. Pls tell me.

    Is only the vcore affected by my settings? Or also other voltages?

    Is my hardware especially the cpu possible damaged?

    Prime 95 is still running without failures. But i don’t know. 1.732V are sounding crazy high. Like instant kill for me.

    The cpus overclocking potential is like 0 and undervolting does not really work. Noctua U12A is leading to 97 °C (1 core spike) while playing cs go with heating RTX 3090 350 W Founder Edition. Without cb r23 and prime 95 avx 2 small fft is nearly instantly running into the throttling wall (100 °C).

    The high voltage on cpu is maybe another reason for swapping the cpu together with the cooler to a 280 mm AIO. Im really scared the cpu got a shot. Maybe its not dead but enormous degenerated. 1.732 V are maybe ok for 14 nm cpu but not 10 nm with air cooling.

    Best regards

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