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    Asus Tuf Dash F15 memory clock

    When gaming my memory clock seems to constantly jump between 6000mhz and 7150mhz doesnt stay at one number for more than 5 seconds

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    Depends on what you're doing, I can't say for certain there's nothing wrong but Nvids more recent drivers only tend to use the performance when needed.

    Example being I recently revisited the Dead Space games and my GPU barely went over 1000mhz and the memory clocks were pretty low as well since it didn't need to use the full potential of the GPU. Yet when I play Borderlands 3 or Wonderlands it will frequently ping 1830mhz. I forget the GPU clocks but I know the 3070 for some reason maxes at about 6120mhz.

    easy way to check is use Nvid control panel, put the power management to maximum performance preferred, put the laptop in turbo mode and see what happens.

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