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    ROG Centurion 7.1 - 16bit/48khz max? What about 24bit or 32bit?

    I got an ROG Centurion hoping for a really high quality DAC based on seeing ESS9601.

    I installed latest drivers and app, but Windows 10 only offers me these choices from the sound driver:
    16 bit, 44100 hz (CD quality)
    16 bit, 48000 hz (DVD quality)

    Is there any way to get anything better? I was hoping for at least 24 bit, 96000 hz (Studio quality)
    or maybe even 32 bit, 192000hz

    In Windows, my driver says:
    ASUS ROG 7.1
    Driver Provider: A-Volute
    Driver Date: 11/24/2016
    Driver Version:
    ( If I search for anything else it always says I have the best driver installed. )

    I have Sonic Studio v1.1.20
    Sound Card FW v1.0.6
    Control Box FW v1.3

    Thanks in advance for any helpful responses here.

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