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    ROG Guru: White Belt Array AliAPCMR PC Specs
    AliAPCMR PC Specs
    MotherboardZ390 E
    Processori7 9700k
    Memory (part number)Corsair RGB Vengeance (Corsair CMR16GX4M2A2666C16)
    Graphics Card #1GTX 1070 EVGA FTW
    Sound CardAsus SupremeFX
    MonitorSamsung 1080p 40inch 3D Tv
    Storage #1Samsung Evo 500gb SSD
    Storage #22 1TB Samsung QVO SSD
    CPU CoolerNoctua DH15
    CasePhanteks Evolve X
    Power Supply850 wats EVGA SUPERNOVA
    Keyboard Corsair Raptor K55 rgb
    Mouse Corsair Harpoon RGB
    Headset Razer kraken tournament edition
    Mouse Pad Corsair
    OS Windows 10 (Latest Update)
    Accessory #1 NZXT GRID V2
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    Pc Blue screening after upgradring gpu to rtx 3080/3080ti

    Hi guys I am loosing the will to live here, I have tried everything to date and yet I am getting this error and I have no idea how to fix this.

    I upgraded my gpu to a rtx 3080 in june and I ran a utube video and the entire pc froze and restarted, so I did ddu and tried again same issue, this was going on for days. So I got a refund and got a rtx 3080ti which is doing the exact same thing, If i leave a utube video playing for a few hours it just crashes the pc and I get a bluescreen of death, and when i run windows debug it always points to these:


    Things I have tried:

    1) Ran memtest86 no issues, got a new ram kit regardless and still the same issue

    2) Exchanged my gpu from a rtx 3080 to a rtx3080ti both exibit the exact same issue while leaving a utube playing for a few hours

    3) Re seated gpu, ram and cpu

    4) Temps are fine

    5) Upgraded PSU to a 1000w evga p6

    6) Re installed the OS as in a full clean format and still the same issue

    7) I upgraded every possible thing on the mobo: Chipset, Firmware, Bios, bluetooth, ethernet, wireless still the same issue (FULL DUMP) (MINI DUMP)

    I have seen quite a few posts regarding this stating this is a asus mobo issue, I have tested my older gtx 1070 I left it running for 3 days straight a 24 hour utube video on loop for 3 days zero problems and when I insert the 3000 series gpu and leave the same video playing I get the problem. This points to 3 things:

    1) Either I am really unlucky and got 2 faulty cards

    2) Its the CPU OR MOBO (Cant be cpu as i used on board graphics and I have zero issues) so that leaves gpu/mobo based on other people who are having the exact same issue i doubt this is gpu but a asus mobo issue . Please any help would be ideal am loosing the will to live here.

    Specs: i7 9700k, 32 gb ddr4 3600mhzt corsair ram (Same Kit), 1000w p6 evga psu, asus strix z390 e mobo, Samsung nvme 500gb, 3 1tb SSD's
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    Hi AliAPCMR,
    Which PCIE slots you have tried but have freezing, auto restart and BSOD issues when playing youtube videos?
    Are the rtx 3080 and rtx3080ti graphics cards are our products? May I have the specific model names and graphics driver versions?
    Thank you.

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