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    Asus rog Zephyrus s17 gx703hs most disappointed purchase of my life

    Hi everyone,
    i decided to create this topic just to know if i am the unlucky guy who took the wrong machine with bugs or everyone share the same pain/feels of me with this machine. My first thought after 8 years of previous laptop (always Asus one of the best tank) was to buy the High S tier of laptop for once so to test the best machine in commerce wih 0 problems and able to do literally anything, from gaming to work always with best performance without thinking, well this machine gave the exactly oppositve, from Nvidia advance optimus bug, from ridicolous performance in QHD (at start i could only play in HD to keep FPS more then 20+), from ridicolous temperature generate even with the new keyboard that lifts from the components to allow more air to enter and SHOULD help (CPU 96° with throttling) and it shutdown twice from the hot in less then one year.

    I have to admit the design is incredible but in fact doesn't work, i finally found something work after one year to make this machine less ridocolous with virtually all promises broken, put Intel Turbo boost from "aggressive" to "enable" changed everything, from GPU performance to CPU temperature (i tried disable but it get worst perfomance but better temperature). Consider how much i paid this laptop (4000 euro) i am really disappointed that i have to test and suffer on my skin to find the best settings and they are not in default, like Turbo in armoury crate is a joke compared to Manual and all others stuff

    I discovered now that GPU is not running at 140w but at 40-80w maximum during 3d processing, i don't know everytime i found something is never a good thing.

    I wanted to share this feel with you, i paid a lot with a lot of sacrifice and Asus should respect people who trust them and give them a lot. I still love this machine, i am genuily think is all about wrong settings here and there but the potential is incredible but i start to be tired to "find" always a solution when the solution should be there at start.

    Sorry for my english, for long post and everything.


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