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    GT-AXE16000 Upload speed Issues

    Can one of the groups responsible for propagating information related to issues update the site with the following:

    Product: GT-AXE-16000 ROG gaming router
    Firmware Version:
    *Case number N2207025636-001 Reported by reddit user
    AI-Mesh Enable w/ 1 additional node using 1Gbps Ethernet backhaul *

    * When performing a speed test, the upload speed is considerably less than expected. *In some aspects, near zero (0). *As found on a reddit forum, link found below. Updating the Channel settings appeared to have corrected the issue.

    2.4 GHz
    Channel Bandwidth 40MHz
    Control Channel 6
    Extension Channel Above

    5GHz -1
    **Channel Bandwidth 80MHz
    Control Channel 36 Extension
    Channel Above

    5GHz -2 *
    Channel Bandwidth 80MHz
    Control Channel Auto
    Channel Auto


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