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    Auto Display Brightness and Performance Issue

    So every time I install the Armoury Crate facing some issue and because of that, I had to install it within hour. As example, when installed its automatically changes the power option of windows that I have set. I don't want to lower the brightness, Display Refresh Rate, Display sleep if not used few minute etc. As I don't need them instead its causing issues to eyes. When refresh rate changes, display out for few sec. If lower brightness then what I have set, I need to close eyes for minute to adjust with the new brightness. I have searched all the settings and tried Google. No solution found. Any one have any idea how can I fix this?

    Note: Mostly my charging plug now connected with laptop because of that. And it's Asus Tuf Gaming F15.

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    That's for power-savings. When on battery, really suggest to manage the power consumption (especially on a gaming laptop).

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