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    Lightbulb [REQUEST] Make fan headers on motherboards turn off at 0% duty cycle.

    AI Suite 3 makes it possible to turn PWM fans off at 0% duty cycle, so why is it not possible to just do this in the bios? Some fans keep spinning even at 0% duty cycle so this functionality is very useful.

    I actually don't want to use AI Suite 3. I want to use FanControl to control my fans, but it is not possible to turn off fans at 0% duty cycle using just the bios.

    Other motherboard manufacturers DO allow you to turn off fans at 0% duty cycle in the bios, so why can't ASUS?

    This has honestly really been bothering me for weeks, especially considering how basic this functionality is. It is obviously possible to turn of PWM fans, since AI Suite can do it, so why not just have a toggle for it in the bios too?

    MB: Crosshair VI Hero (I'll be testing it on a Maximus Z690 Hero soon too)


    PS: even if I wanted to use AI Suite, it won't install anymore and previously the AsusFanControlService would stop itself if my monitor went to sleep and not function until I manually restart the service.

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