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    Question onboard RGB broken on C8E Motherboard

    Hi everyone,

    I'm having a problem with my Crosshair VIII Extreme motherboard.
    I am not able to turn off the onboard RGB leds of the upper half of the motherboard. These LEDs are always stuck on red.
    Whatever settings I use in Armoury Crate (or BIOS), it does not make a difference.
    For example, if I set Aura effect to "Dark", these few leds stay lit red (whilst other leds actually turn off).
    If i set Aura effect to static white, then the same leds become somewhat pink-ish, keeping this red component.

    The behavior is the same when the system is on or off (with shutdown effects disabled, the leds stay red when system is off).

    I tryed everything I though of to solve the problem:
    Clean uninstall and reinstall of Armoury Crate
    Clear CMOS
    Bios Flash
    Windows clean reinstall
    Stripping the board of all other components (SSDs, RAM, GPU....)

    Nothing seems to be able to solve the problem.
    Has anyone ever encoutered a similar issue ?

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