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    X670E Gene not booting with display connected to a thunderbolt dock

    Hey everyone,

    I'm using a Dell Thunderbolt Dock - WD19TBS for my work laptop with a single screen (HDMI), mouse, keyboard and headphone DAC (USB-C) connected to the dock. This works great, but connecting it to my X670 Gene leaves me with a QCode 42 and the board not posting.

    My hardware:
    • Asus ROG X670 Gene (BIOS Version 0705)
    • Ryzen 7900X
    • 1080TI
    • Main Display (connected to GPU via DP, connected to dock via HDMI)
    • Secondary Display (connected to GPU via DP)

    If I remove the HDMI cable from the dock my pc boots just fine and all peripherals work fine.

    I've tried the different USB-C ports (with DP passtrough and without) on the board but no luck. It seems that the board ignores my GPU completely if a display is connected via HDMI to the dock.

    Removing the DP cable from my GPU and plugging the thunderbolt dock into a USB-C with DP passtrough my PC boots just fine and I can access the bios. But I'm left with the IGPU and the slow HDMI connection. This is also the only way how I can access the bios right now.

    Connecting both displays via DP to the dock doesn't seem to work, as I get no display output at all.

    Is there a way to fix this? So that I only need to plug in the dock to my pc and not remove the HDMI cable.

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