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    Armory crate audio settings Theta 7,1 not working

    Using Theta 7,1 headphones with a Zephyrus duo 16 via type C,

    headphones are working, stereo and digital surround but all of a sudden, sound has become flat and audio settiings in theta page in armory crate does nothing.
    No EQ, no bass boost, no reverb, ...., ....

    -Yes the 'on" toggle switch in each individial setting is toggle properly
    -I have use asus uninstaller for Armory crate
    -I have reinstall armory crate , version 5,3,4,0
    -Theta framework is at version
    -Theta firmware is at 0043

    I had my Zephyrus duo for a bit more than a month and it has been a rough start, something fails every week (software only so far), I do manage to correct by updates on drivers and so on but it haven't been smooth for sure.

    Thanks for support, looking for help because I am tired of spending gaming time trouble shooting brand new stuff.

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