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    need help with overclock I9 13900K on z690 hero

    hello everyone i have asus z690 hero g-skil 2x16 6400 cl32 and i9 13900k i want to overclock the cpu and i need a guide my pervious system was i9 10900k AND Z490 HERO IN 13gen I NEED HELP

    i want to overclock the cpu for safe 24\7 use

    what is the max safe voltage for the cpu?

    what is the max cpu temp?

    and i want to know the level of llc and oter safe voltage in the bios

    thanks for the help

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    1. Depend how much OC you want to achieve for 24/7. OC to the max your CPU can handle for 24/7 may subject to failure in a way.
    2. No safe voltage, it all depend your overall load.
    3. Follow the Intel Max Tj max,
    4. As for lic, depend to system stability.

    The above may sound strange. But that what my opinion.

    You ystem, your build, no one can duplicate even with the same spec. Yuu need to trial and error to find out. Differnt CPU batch, different mobo batch, differnt memory module will result with different result. Welcom to DIY, that full of fun and uncertain. Enjoyed it.

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    i want to know what control the cpu core voltage does it actual vrm core voltage or global core svid voltage?

    my setings is manual actual vrm core 1.27
    p core 5.7 e core 4.4
    my temps in r23 is 82
    does it ok that voltage not drop when idle?
    it stay on 1.25 all the time when load it drop down
    i know when the voltage is on auto the voltage drop down low
    does my seting good for 24\7?

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