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    Angry Z790 MAXIMUS HERO + DDR5 CORSAIR : Only one DIMM working... - Q code 55

    Hi !

    New built :
    13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-13900K 3.00 GHz
    Windows 11 Pro - 22H2 - 22621.900
    ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO - Bios 0803 !
    CORSAIR DDR5 - CMT32GX5M2X7200C34 - SK Hynix (x4!)

    Problem :
    ONLY ONE DIMM work (in B2 first !)
    -i mean : all of my 4 rams works, but only ALONE AND place in B2 first...
    If 2 rams, 4 rams : Q-code 55... If on ram in A2first same... (or loop, but rare)
    (-Q-code55 = no bios access)

    All uptates done... even bios in beta...
    XMP I or II or auto... the same

    Pins are ok
    Cleaning DIMM with isopropanol
    Clear CMOS (>30s)

    Any idea ? Or send my motherboard back ?


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    1. Your ram kit of 32GB came from 8GBX4 in a set of single package or 8X2 in a pair x 2 separate set.
    2. If come from 8GB x 2 in a pair. Insert the same pair with the serial came with running serial number in A2 and B2 slot of ram and test it out.
    Let us know your result.

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    16gx4 in factÂ*
    2 series which i respect on the order Â*
    And remember : A2first don’t work with an only ramm… but b2 first work…
    (All ram work if i put in B2first one after one…)Â*

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