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    XIII Hero - The display won't turn back on while in BIOS or memtest86 (external GPU)


    once turned off, the display (via HDMI) won't turn back on while in BIOS or memtest86 while using RTX 3080 (PCIe 4.0).
    Replugging the cable has no effect.
    Choosing BIOS optimized defaults or changing the primary display setting between PEG, PCIE CPU Graphics has no effect.
    Disabling the "iGPU Multi-Monitor" setting (which disables iGPU) doesn't help either.

    The display turns back on fine while in Windows and the PC is 100% stable.

    The display also does turn back on while in BIOS/memtest86 when using the iGPU.

    XIII Hero, tested with BIOS versions 1402 and the latest 1701.

    Is this a bug in the BIOS ?
    Thank you.
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