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    Quote Originally Posted by HiVizMan View Post
    Ah man thanks for the very detailed log of your problem. I am sorry dude I did not see that you had tried 1305 my bad.

    Ram is so key with this platform and it is so easy to skip the testing of the ram.

    Could you post the link for the alpha version of memtest that you are using please.
    I ran the above memtest over night last night too.

    It was running for about 45 mins before I went to bed with no errors.

    When I got up this morning, the pc had crashed in the night, and tried to boot into windows startup repair (and then crashed doing that and locked up).

    I tried several times to reboot into windows and it failed.

    So I booted into memtest, instantly hundreds of errors.

    I tried several times to reboot, and got nowhere.

    In the end I went into the bios, changed 1 setting, saved then went back into the bios, changed that setting back, and saved again.

    Then I booted into memtest and got 0 errors on a quick 5 min test.

    And I have so far been running windows for about an hour now with no probs.

    I am starting to wonder if this is actually a motherboard issue instead of memory ?

    As it seems once the errors arrive, the only way to get the system to boot and run for any period of time, is to switch or alter the bios in some way.

    I am very very confused at the moment.
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