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    Blue screen of death, help please.

    Hi, I don´t know if i´m posting this on the right section, I apologize if I am, but i´m quite worried about this problem of mine with my Asus G53sx. I bought the laptop in January and since then it was working very well for me. A couple of months back I started having these blue screen of death crashes and with time these crashes have become more often. The error says "INVALID_KERNEL" (something like that) and then it just restarts itself. This has happened to me while working on projects for Collage and my Job. It´s becoming quite frustrating since I have no clue when will it restart itself again. I´ve read many threads on different forums, already updated the Nvidia drivers more than once and already saw the Microsoft event log and still no luck. This is one of my last hopes, to see if I can get any help from the same notebook users or any Asus developer. Hope you can understand the impotence of buying a decent notebook expecting it to last and having these kinds of issues within 3 months of use. Hope to hear from somebody soon. Thanks in advance.

    PS: Computer specs: Windows 7 home premium (64bit) - Intel core i7 (2.00 ghz) - Nvidia GeForce GTX 560m (2gb GDDR5)

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