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    Couple of questions. How long did you have your computer before these issues started? What did you install in that time frame?

    Check your temps, download Core Temp here. Install it.

    Download and install this gadget here to monitor CPU temps and usage real time. After installing this gadget, click the Wrench icon to the right of it. Click options, select "Display temperatures - On"

    Download and install this gadget here to monitor GPU temps and usage real time.

    Post your temps idle and under load.

    This is so we can rule out over heating as an issue.

    The next thing to do is to test the ram. There are two ways of doing this

    Number one being.

    Download Memtest86 here. Extract the folder, then burn them to a disc. Use the disc as a bootup, run the program and let it run it's passes.

    Number two being.

    Take out all the sticks but one and see if you get a bluescreen on that memory stick. Of not, add another stick and so on. The problem with this is that even if you still get BSOD it could still be related to something else. To good thing is, if you don't get any more BSODS with only a few sticks of ram in.. You know which RAM stick is crap and that BSOD was caused by a faulty ram stick. If you choose this route, keep track carefully of the sticks used and where you placed them.

    Post those BSOD results for this other guy, it can reduce the headache of manually diagnosing BSOD's. The temp things above are handy and useful to have even when you're not having BSOD's. Memtest is a good tool to have and you can use it on other computers than your own.
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    Hi guys...sorry for taking too long to reply. I got bad pc died three days ago, it can´t start and cant fix the startup problem nor can I restore the system from any previous restore points. I was kinda busy this past few days re doing ALL my work for this week and still need to do more for the next! I´m very dissapointed with Asus, not only for this issue but with the customer service aswell. I called the Asus tech support number it said on the warranty booklet that came with the computer (Argentina technical service...since i´m in Argentina atm) and they told me "we can not validate the warranty because the pc wasn´t made in Argentina"...even tho when I bougth it they said "1 year INTERNATIONAL warranty"...Now I spoke to the retailers that sold me the PC and they told me they were gonna contact someone in Taiwan to help clear out this issue. Now I´m here just waiting for someone to reply. I don´t know how long it will take but if they take more than a week i´ll just repair it somewhere else (renoucing my "international warranty" privileges) I am needing my pc right now more than ever and can´t affort to loose it nor to waste time waiting for this mess to clear up. I´m not going to say that Asus is the worse and that their products are crap because despite all of this I like Asus and believe it to be one of the best brands of pc´s at the moment, but this is definitely a bad start...

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    No need for apologies, @-DDKOX. That's the advantage of this format. The thread pops back to the top of the list when you can provide the information.

    Sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations. I've read of others having a similar experience with the international warranty. It seems like it's honored ONLY if the laptop is purchased LOCALLY. It seems its only purpose is to frustrate customers. I can't say I understand it...

    You might try giving Mason@ASUS a PM on this forum. He has helped others with warranty problems.
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    I had the same problem two days ago. The system crashed with the BSOD immediately after the windows 7 logo and before my desktop would come up. Safemode same thing. "last known good config settings" same thing. Windows install disk startup repair same thing. System restore using install disk same thing. I thought my hard drive failed so I put it into my other desktop as a slave. Worked fine. Memory test passed fine. So I disabled automatic restart upon system failure and googled the error code and found that it was a rare system corruption that mimiced a hardware failure. So I reinstalled windows on the same hard drive and it put my old windows in a folder called old. There I transferred my user account files (My Documents, Pictures, Favorites... etc) and I am in the process of reinstalling all of my programs.

    I have encountered the same problem but do you know any other ways to fix the BSOD without putting hard drive into other desktop? I cannot open my ASUS laptop since Oct. 2013.

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    The kernel is the most privileged area of any OS, many device drivers are loaded into kernel space such as antivirus etc etc.
    the usual problem with kernel is bad ram, if the kernel tries to retrieve some data from ram but the data it pulls is bad because of a bad ram stick a BSOD or extreme system unstability which usually results in a BSOD will occur. Basically any problem (even if its recoverable) that pulls the carpet from under the kernel will fire up a Kernel BSOD.
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