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    P8P67 and ATAPI devices

    I've just purchased the P8P67 mb, i5-2400 cpu, MSI N4600GTX GPU but noticed that ATAPI devices are not supported. My primary drive is a 1TB SATA (no problem) but my two other HD's and two Optical (DVD & CD) burners are ATAPI. Do i now have to trash my drives and buy new? or will a ATAPI PCI card work to allow me to continue?

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    everything is now sata. time to upgrade

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    Mama is on my case about $$ ('specally after spending $700).
    question: will a add-in PCI card (ATAPI) work for non-boot devices and support Nero9?

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    an add in card will do or if you can try a sata to ide converter

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    Thanks B@A!
    Looks like lots of choices on the converters - get good reviews on VinPower IDESA1.0 at newegg. If you have a suggested mfr/model, please let me know! I'll see if this one is at a local supplier (either bestbuy or local pc shop).

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