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    Boot problems with crosshair iv formula + AMD 1090T

    Hi all
    Firstly apologies for my english i"m french and you known that : nobody is perfect !

    Yesterday I receive my new config :

    Motherboard : asus crosshair formula iv
    Proc : AMD Phenom II x 6 1090 gt
    Graphic card : evga Geforce GTX 580
    RAM : Crucial BL25664bn1337.16ff (XMP) 2MB x2
    HD : seagate barracuda 7200 12 500 gb
    Alim : corsair AX750
    WIN7 64 bits

    I'm fan of games like you alls and I would like to try a top config and I think is the case.
    OK ! I buil my PC with the rules of art taking care to follow all the steps required precisely in the doc and with my experience (third system build)
    I started the system with my win7 dvd pressing the START buton on the Mother Board and the instalation is aborted before to be complete.
    mesage : one periferic it was changed since your last startt put your win7 disk installation to repair....
    I don't understand because my win7 disk is inside !!!
    I press restart to see and the problem is the same

    Before to do something wrong I prefer to ask specialist like you to obtain some advises or procedure to solve my problem and to be able to play with this fabulus config..

    Thanks in advance

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    3 possible things I can think of here.

    1. Is this a full retail copy of win 7 or a copy.....if so what is the condition of the disk.

    2. what is the condition of the DVD rom....

    3. Try and pull one stick of ram and install with one stick of ram. It's quite possible its bad ram compatibility or a bad stick.

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