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    P67/Z68 32** Ivy Bridge BIOS Update procedure

    To update to UEFI build 3202:

    Ensure system is 100% stable before flashing! Do not perform this update on an overclocked system, set defaults and ensure 100% stability before commencing.

    1) Flash from EZ Flash 2 (this is important, do not use any other method of flashing!) using a FAT32 formatted USB drive. Make sure you flash from EZ Flash 2 only and NOT Windows!

    2) You will need to let the system flash twice. Flash the first time, when the flash completes follow the onscreen prompt to reboot.

    3) Second flash will commence when the board re-BOOTs, should find the file automatically and flash it (this flash wil update the ME fw while the first flash updates UEFI).

    4) After the second flash completes, follow the onscreen prompts, power down the system at mains (AC) and clear CMOS (Clear RTC) for 5 seconds before using the system again.

    If you have issues with the flash contact your local ASUS service centre for assistance. If you are located in North America then follow these URLs:

    To submit an online technical support request, please fill out the form at

    You can also request for an RMA online at


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