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    my psu is a 1 year old 650w fractal design tesla

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    sorry to say .. but i'd look at getting somthing a little better .. corsair 750tx
    from what reviews and forums i've managed to find
    "In general the PSU performed poorly compared to its peers in all but noise levels, couple that with a relatively high price and that it needs to improve its power efficiency and it's one to avoid" tech radar..

    but try and borrow another from some where first ..or if your able test the rails if your rails are under performing it will cause it to shut down or not work .. the chv setup does pull a lot of juice the 1090t pulls 130w mine does 141w oc .. then you have your card mem and other things ..
    AMD FX 8350 5.1ghz 221x23
    CROSSHAIR V bios 1703
    g-skill sniper 1600@1800
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