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    Thumbs up I heard on the News about shut down internet... is it true?!

    I'm inquiring if it's true, if Yahoo News says they're shutting down internet across the world through the month of July... Is it true? My friend says it might be just a April 1st prank... but I doubt yahoo news would do that...

    Then I confirmed a friend told me that her IT technician specialist at her work place said it is true that F.B.I. just got an approval from a district court within the government to approve it...

    It's just quite strange that F.B.I. has this kind of jurisdiction through the internet, especially through out the world... I'd like to see all the online MMO junkies like "Evercrack" to get withdrawals from addiction through MMO... I know I was sort of a former addict for Final Fantasy Online... lmfao...

    But I haven't been playing that game... although I do miss friends online occasionally because of connections of same enjoyment though when they get personal I'd think I'm quite different from their reality or fantasy. But I just enjoy having a conversation and enjoy the good people I've met, that they'd take their time and help me out and I'd do the same because I'd think that I don't like I owed someone for favors lol... Kind of an honorable geeky code way... But it's through these kinds of people that I enjoyed helping others over the net... lol...

    But anyway I just want to confirm if it's true or not... I haven't been playing online so it wouldn't bother me... I've been mostly been playing offline games like skyrim and dungeon seige III and dissidia 012 lol ...

    So I won't act like a "Evercrack addict" rofl... But I do still have friends both within my communities and other parts of the world... I just wanna confirm if this information is true or not...

    Thank you in advance for reply...

    And if it's true... how long will it be shut down before it comes back online? Or is it only within U.S. country or a few selected countries cos they said they wanted to eliminate malware from different P.C.s which I've purchased this program that erases hard drives, and they'd have different algorythms in order to erase hard drives with multiple custom ways... like some would erase 1 pass with 0's and 2nd pass with 1's and others would have 7 different passes for germany or russia and U.S. Department of Defense recommended 4 passes and format erased hard drive to NTFS after erased data...

    But hey it was just a cheap program lol but it has worked so far... the infected viruses that I had in my hard drive was wiped clean and I use external hard drive to reinstall my OS and programs w/ no problem...

    Although I'm just wondering how stable a hard drive is to be erased multiple times? (Sorry off the topic.. again... *sigh*) I know SSD are more stable...
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