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    Drive no longer reads DVD's

    I was watching a DVD this afternoon, after I finished I put in the next disk from the series and it could not be read. I figured it was a dirty disk so I cleaned it. When that didn't work I tried the next disk in the series and that couldn't be read. So after that I tried the original disk that I had just watched, and now that disk could not be read. I tried a disk I watched yesterday and that didn't work. I re-installed the drive and that did nothing. I tried a CD, it took a little while but then it read the CD, I tried a blank DVD and it was going to write to it so it read the blank DVD.

    Right now I have a laptop that I've had for less than 2 months and the drive is not reading DVD, can anyone help?


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    Shut down and let the drive sit for an hour, and then try again. If it works, then the drive may need to have rested to cool down. Spinning around that fast for a few hours can tax an optical drive.
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