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    Cover for Blu-Ray Drive?

    I've got a G74sx with a super DVD drive and just bought a blu-ray drive. I'd like to have a blu-ray cover for the drive as opposed to using my current cover that says DVD (ok, so I'm picky). Is there a way to buy those covers?


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    I think that the only way to change that would be to find someone selling scraps or pieces of an already disassembled g74. Maybe if your lucky you migth come across an owner that is taking it apart or someone wrecked theirs.
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    Here you go:

    Hope this helps

    EDIT: In this video you can see how to change your current cover over to the new optical drive without buying a new cover.
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    I've seen the ODD bezels sold on the European parts site, but not on Asus' parts site in the U.S.. On many models, it's just a sticker on the bezel...though not on the G74. If you can't find the exact part, perhaps you could rub off the existing label and either leave it blank or find a sticker from another model. Just throwing out ideas.....

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