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    ASUS USB-N13 xlink-kai for Windows Vista SP2?

    My local store, which is more than a mile away, has in stock only ASUS USB-N13. The description of this wireless USB says it works for Xlink Kai on the store's website, but I find that the descriptions on the other websites says that the Xlink kai feature for ASUS USB-N13 only works for MAC OS and Windows XP.

    I have Windows Vista home premium SP2 32 bit, and I am wondering if ASUS USB-N13 might work with my current OS for xlink kai, because I read a post where it worked for someone who has Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

    On ASUS main website:

    It says:

    "Xlink Kai( Win XP & Mac OS only)"

    But someone got it to work on his windows vista ultimate?!

    This is why I am asking before I buy... I also want to buy the best one and not some old USB.

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