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    dare i ask when IBIS Drives will get some love from Asus?

    It's been a while since i bought my CIVF board and found it's lack of HSDL support for the IBIS solid state drives.

    Now this drive i bought along with the CIVF and my 1090T thinking it would all plug n play and i would have an awesome boot speed off the SSD, pitty i was mistaken and may aswell of spent the money of a set of SSDs and RAID-0 them all for the speed.

    Asus Let me down on this "BiG TiME", not only had i spent little under half a months pay on my CPU MObO Ram & cooler, all working together fine, but i spent another half monthly pay on the IBIS 240gig drive in thinking this would increase performance past what the RAM delivered.

    I'd hate to lose faith in RoG products but it's actualy dwindling rather quickly.
    Unless Asus release a Bios to support this drive, I may need to find one that does.

    anyone else had luck with this SSD?

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    Considering how expensive those IBIS Drives are, I wouldn't expect it anytime soon.

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