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    RAM - Best Compatibility


    I Recently Built A R3E Rig and seem to have recieved a Bad Ram Chip
    I used Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHz 8GB CL9 4x2Gig

    Now i am looking to upgrade and was wondering what would be the BEST memory for me, i have an i7 960 CPU

    ATM i have my eyes set on Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 2000MHz 12GB
    (thinking of going 24gig)
    Any thoughts?

    Price is really not a factor for me.

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    those should work fine. i believe a lot of people use those.

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    You do realize that the more ram you get the slower your "processor speed" will be. For Every extra amount you have the data has to pass through all of it for the data to be processed therefore greatly slowing your speed. The 2000 modules are great but do you really need 12 or even 8 for that matter? Unless you are an HD movie editor or deal with program design on a massive level than no you really don't. Even for some of the best games all you would need is technically 4 including the OS. I always try to stay around 6gb of the 2000 module just because I am a program designer.

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    The 12GB dominator should do fine but the 24GB I don't think it would. It's pretty usual to see people having issue with 24GB since when actual board went out 4GB stick were very rare. I would stick with 12GB if I where you.If you want other choice for memory, G.skill is the way to go aside of corsair.

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