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    G73SW-A1 Hard drive errors and screen flickering

    Just got my G73SW-A1 and after about the 5th reboot installing updated drivers, windows updates, ect my system started the same thing my old Asus A8J was doing. It runs a disk scan on every startup saying there is problems with one of my hard drives.

    The only thing I changed is I deleted the partitions on the 2nd drive and combined them. I've run a scan disk in windows on each of the drives and let the pre-boot disk check go through and nothing finds errors.

    The second problem I am having is my screen flickers now and then when browsing websites in Google Chrome, sitting on the desktop and looking through Steam. Doesn't seem to do it when I am gaming although WoW is freezing now and then for a few seconds. It also doesn't seem to do it when just sitting idle.

    I am running in High Performance mode at all times. I have all of the power options on the "never" setting as far as them turning off or going to sleep.

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