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  • Maximus 4 Gene

    286 36.48%
  • Maximus 4 Formula

    239 30.48%
  • Crosshair 4 Gene

    305 38.90%
  • These are not worth making

    12 1.53%
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    I got this in mind for the Maximus IV GENE:
    - wait for the Z68 chipset for P67 overclocking-awesomeness and igp-accellerated stuff from the H67
    - add a PCI slot for a WLAN card or something, with the slot setup like the Maximus III GENE (PCI-e x16, PCI-e x4, PCI-e x16 and PCI)
    - ROG Connect
    - High-power USB for faster charging
    - Dual-LAN
    - CrossFire and SLI support
    - Crosshair IV Formule style heatsinks
    - USB 3.0 (DUHH)
    - UEFI with a red and black colorscheme

    Its a long list but this would make it the most awesome uATX board in the UNIVERSE
    I would buy it, even if it would cost me 500 bucks

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    I've always been a fan of the midrange ROG boards.

    The ROG line has always seem to me as a rather more extreme implementation of the mainstream boards.

    IMO although I would love to see a nice feature rich MATX for AMD that can still be done on a mainstream board.

    MATX and extreme ocing/tuning just don't mix albeit fun its like oil/water.

    I mean seriously who needs ROG connect on an HTPC box.....

    That said I vote for a mid range M4F.

    I would just like to see a very simple and clean layout.

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    I would absolutely love to see a ROG board aimed directly at extreme OCing.
    No expensive 7.1 sound, no expensive USB3, no expensive Sata6, just a nice stable power setup and the type of extreme OCing ability found on the R3E.
    Hacking out all the gaming oriented stuff should get the price down substantially.
    A M4F built like that would likely sell quite well, at least to those of us who compete on HWBot.

    Essentially, exactly the opposite direction from the R3 Black, when you get down to it.
    (Gigabyte is making a dedicated stripped OC board, by the way)

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    I've been a big fan of the ROG series and I like most of the features on the CHIVE, But it needs a KILLER NIC . why on earth you would put a INTEL inside a AMD board is beyond me .
    I like the ROG connect very much and would like to see this stay, I may even be persuaded to buy one of these OCstations if I knew it was something that was going to be around for more the 1 or 2 boards.
    and yea 2 PCIE x16's would be nice and it better have LUCID .

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    Maximus IV Formula . Sandybridge needs a high performance ROG board that doesn't break the bank. This keeps inline with previous boards i.e. rampage III extreme/rampage formula or maximus III Formula/Maximus III Extreme. I like the gene boards. I own two and agree with the idea of bringing that line to AMD. But if I could only choose one product to be brought to market that I and others would purhcase, I think Maximus IV Formula.
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    Its great to see everyone's feedback. i see a lot of new ideas and things that can be carried over from our extreme series down to the formula. typically the formula and Matx trend is everything you want, but not necessarily need from the extreme series. but again ASUS is about innovation and we would like to see some new and unique ideas that you guys would really appreciate as gamers, case modders, overclockers, and the enthusiast.

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    also what kind of price point do you guys feel makes sense for these boards. whats the sweet spot

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    What I would really like to see on Gene P67 is a PCI slot that I can use even if I populate both x16 PCI-E slots, which was not a case with previous Genes. For example, put it on top (above the first PCI-E x16 slot). A red LED, glowing proportinally to the CPU power draw, would be nice as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian@ASUS View Post
    also what kind of price point do you guys feel makes sense for these boards. whats the sweet spot
    I registered just to answer this question. Many of us are waiting for the Gene and Formula boards.

    Maximus IV Gene $199
    Maximus IV Formula $249

    I know a few people that are looking for the Maximus IV Gene for their mATX builds. They're not upgrading to the P67 platform until ASUS releases one. I'm a big ROG fan also but went for the SaberTooth instead because the M4E was too pricey for a P67 board. A Formula and Gene will be welcomed additions. These boards are probably in development already, you all are just trying to figure out which will be more profitable to manufacture. Any good company thinks ahead many months in advance. I say both will make money. Motherboards <$250 sell the most on mainstream platforms such as the P67 chipset. The number of people with ASUS P67 Pro motherboards is very high. A large percentage of those people will dump the Pro models for a Forumla or Gene.

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    Nice Brian! I like to see that our comment are actually usefull
    For the price point, I would love to see something like that :
    P67 - High end ATX 250 and Matx around 190
    The point is that SB is supose to be a mainstrem priced platform soa board like the actual Asus high end that are 350$ is just...not in the track. I think the best target is the Asrock fatality. This board have simply everything. Layout is perfect, lot of sata port, PS2 and the perfect price point of 250$

    Just my 2 cent

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