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    new G75VW ... what asus updates should I look at first ( bios, via audio, etc )?

    New G75VW from best buy. Finished initial hardware changes now onto looking at what asus updates should go in.

    For some reason the Asus Live Update utility just hangs ... never really starts after the prompt ( do you want to allow the following program to make changes ) ...

    So anyway I am looking at manually checking Asus support downloads for G75VW.

    First thing I notice is my BIOS version is 206 but the only download at all for BIOS on support is 207 dated 4/13/2012 ... that seems kind of funky shouldn't they also have base release of BIOS? I downloaded zip file for BIOS and was thinking it would have a read me that included what fixes are in there but nada.

    Second thing I notice is that Via Audio has 2 files for download first one is the ( older ) current installed audio driver and the second is is I tried doing the device manager update driver and search internet for current one but it reported I had the best one ( still old ) so downloaded newer one and did update again pointing at where I extracted zip file and now it is more current.

    A lot of people are unhappy with G75 initial sound ( leans to left side and some think subwoofer is also putting out higher frequencies ) so perhaps this Via Audio updated driver fixes that?

    The new Via Audio driver is dated 3/21/2012 ( but says 4/25/2012 in support download info ) so perhaps this is a fix to the sound that is not included in the first shipping G75VW units?

    How risky is applying BIOS fix?

    Anyone got a good reference document for how to tackle updating ROG laptop from factory shipped out version? Should we get something going specific for the G75VW?

    Any and all ideas appreciated! ( Like why the Asus update might be hanging ).

    Thanks John

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    The first thing you may want to do is to uninstall all bloatware that comes preinstalled on your notebook.

    Guide to read about which bloatware to keep and not to keep:

    When it comes to update your hardware, then you should update:
    • nVidia drivers

    • Intel chipset

    • Atheros Wifi card (if you have that)

    • If you feel the touchpad is buggy, then you should find out which developer you have and install the right driver for it

    If you want to do a BIOS update then @BrodyBoy have made this guide:
    ***IMPORTANT: Don't flash your BIOS unless you have issues that gets fixed by flashing it. If it doesn't get fixed and the BIOS works fine, let it be!***

    And ofcourse update the drivers from Windows update

    Check out my thread with links to where you can download the right drivers:!

    I hope this helps

    And when you are done with updates and uninstalls, I would recommend you to install CCleaner and run the register check, so you can clean the notebook for files that have been left behind after updates and uninstalls

    Which version of the audio driver do you have installed? If you don't have the installed, then there is no harm to install and update it

    With the BIOS, I would also say that is weird that you have BIOS 206 and the 207 is the first release. Perhaps others in this forum knows why it is like that.
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    As a fellow Best Buy G75 owner, here's what I found out and did when I first got mine:

    1) The ASUS Live Update doesn't do much and doesn't show any of the newer drivers to date even though they exist.

    2) I installed the newer version of WinFlash then installed BIOS version 207 from the windows environment using WinFlash. It completed the flash OK but hung when it said it would restart the computer (didn't restart after 15 minutes...power was on, screen was not, no activity whatsoever) so I had to do a manual power cycle. Worried that the flash messed up, I tried to re-flash the BIOS but the update utility both in Windows and in the BIOS itself won't let you re-flash to the same or an older version. The computer's working fine though since the 29th so I think everything's fine, although looing back I'd recommend flashing from inside the BIOS per the BrodyBoy guide.

    3) Here's a list of drivers that are newer than the stock ones as of 4/30 (listed in no particular order):
    - AI_Recovery_Win7_64_Z1024
    - ATKPackage_Win7_64_Z100016
    - Audio_VIA_Win7_64_Z600110400
    - CardReader_Alcor_Win7_64_Z3114260386
    - FanFilterChecker_Win7_64_Z100001
    - InstantOn_Win7_64_Z220
    - MEI_Intel_Win7_64_Z8031427
    - USBChargerPlus_Win7_64_Z209
    - VGA_nVidia_Win7_64_Z817129644

    4) I didn't unload any of the bloatware as I didn't notice the ASUS having as much as say a Dell, so I left well enough alone.

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: The new audio driver doesn't fix the left-heavy audio issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cecil_2099 View Post

    As a fellow Best Buy G75 owner, here's what I found out and did when I first got mine:


    Hope this helps.

    Edit: The new audio driver doesn't fix the left-heavy audio issue.
    Thanks Cecil ... yeah that helps. I just now did the BIOS update ( not sure why exactly ) but from within BIOS and it worked fine and did also do the audio driver update.

    Will be thinking about the other ones ... curious that the Asus update utility doesn't really update!

    For anyone doing this stuff ... make sure you have regular backups! Personally at this time I am using the Win 7 create system image onto external drives ( several different ones ) ... something went funky ( might have been latest Virtual Box ) and just this morning had to restore everything ( Win 7 Pro OEM SP1 install disk => Repair => Select recovery ( and reformatted everything on my SSD ... I always pull out 2nd internal 1 TB ( Samsung ) when recovering OS disk ).

    Having some fun I guess!

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