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    Hard Drives removable using the Safely Remove Hardware function in Windows

    I have installed 2 WD hard drives both 6.0Gbs on the Rampage III MB. Both connected to the Sata 6.0Gb slots. The problem I am having is that Windows 7 is allowing me to Safely remove these devices and I do not want this to be an option. Are the 6.0GB connections E-Sata and if I use them to get the full 6.0 capacity from the hard drives will I have to deal with the removability issue? If I connect to the other Sata slots will I have to live with the lower pass thru rates?

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    First of all, you will never run near 6Gbps, this is a theorical speed. For your issue of removable HDD, go in your bios and see if the hot swap fonction is enable on your sata3 controller. The other choice would be that the controller used by this mobo is acting like a USB for some reason that the engineer decided. But that would be dumb and not really plausible.

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