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    r3e and OCZ revodrive x2

    hi all.. my first post here... need a little help... i have a pretty strong feeling that my mobo is shutting the PCI lanes a little early... i have the ocz revodrive x2 in one of the pcie lanes and every now and then from i cold boot i have to run through chkdsk for a few seconds... not that big of a deal, but im worried about data corruption...

    before anyone freaks out and start blaming ocz, this only happens from a cold boot... i can reboot the machine all day, come in and out of sleep mode/hibernation just fine... its only when the goes through a full power down... ive got a strong suspicion that the ssd loses power before the OS finishes writing everything back to the disk during the shutdown process...

    not sure if the engineers visit the forums (i doubt it) but has this been seen/heard of before???

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