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    IMHO The ROG Xonar Phoebus is the biggest mistake that asus have ever come out with!
    These cards are NO a match for the Essence cards and soon third party card company's will overtake asus because asus now sell trendy junk with well buggy software.

    On my ROG Xonar Phoebus I am missing major items I have become to expect on ALL sounds cards these days:
    1) That they ALL have a 'FRONT PANEL AUDIO HEADER, with this missing it feels like I am back in nineties when sound cards first came out, they were junky, cumbersome and had buggy software (similar to the Xonar Phoebus)
    2) No color coded output sockets, (IS this a JOKE asus) get off the crack and get back to making superb equipment, like you used to STOP riding on your past accomplishments.
    3) Replaceable OP amps NONE, or was that another brain fart asus?

    NOTE: When the title ROG came out, the quality and usability of ALL asus products went DRAMATICALLY down so bad, that people are so pissed off being out of pocket returning your crap back for repair and/or replacement, asus.

    ROG sucks (always has) and so have a lot of your products now, (since this ROG logo started) either shape up asus or we users will end up kicking you to the kerb!

    Feeling MUCH better now!
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    Hi guys,
    Can anyone tell when we are going to get a new version of the drivers for this card? Latest drivers are from december -2013. I really can't believe that I'm havin a ROG card on my PC.

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    Storage #1Samsung 830 SSD (128Gb)
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    Hmm... The latest drivers are from 2014/02/08. But in case, if you're using ****y Windows 8 or 8.1 that's correct.
    I think, no new drivers will be released until Windows 10. Hopefully they will do it right...

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    Die Soundkarte ist kein Fehlschlag von Asus.

    Die Hardware ist hervorragend nur der Treiber Support war bis heute schlecht.

    Der neue Treiber ist hervorragend.

    Die Soundkarte ist heute immer noch die beste Alternative für Gamer.


    The sound card is not a failure by Asus.

    The hardware is excellent, only the driver support was bad until now.

    The new driver is excellent.

    The sound card is today still the best alternative for gamers.
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    The truth is that the guys making the phoebus drivers are not up to the task & just cannot get the card to work properly.
    It is beyond their capabilities.
    Even the guys who make the Unified drivers for the other Xonar cards cannot get the phoebus to work correctly.
    That is why there are no Unified drivers for it & never will be.

    The Phoebus is a Pig of a Sound card & it should have been recalled long ago. It may have looked good on paper, but in reality it's a DOG
    But ASUS cannot admit that it is a lemon because it would cost them too much so they are just playing dumb & ignoring the facts.

    Best thing for everyone to do is to "REMEMBER" what ASUS has done here & move on to some other card that does not carry the ASUS brand name.
    Also remember that compared to other hardware manufacturers ASUS has a LONG HISTORY record for ignoring their products once they have been put into production.
    Then, once they update to a newer model all backup almost completely disappears for the previous version of their product.
    But in the case of the Phoebus Soundcard, ASUS gave up on the support for it before it was even released.

    I have used ASUS products for a long time now & I can say with confidence that ASUS go out of their way to ignore their customers concerns.
    There is only so much a consumer can take from a company that has no respect for their customers & I will no longer be buying their half baked hardware no matter how great the reviews for the products are.

    There are plenty of other companies out there that make hardware as good as ASUS, but most of them try to look after their customers.
    ASUS just buries its head in the sand & relies on the fact that the next generation of consumers probably wont know about their disgraceful practices.
    They have gotten away with it for so long now that they think they can continue to do it this way forever & ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack_Mehouf View Post
    Even the guys who make the Unified drivers for the other Xonar cards cannot get the phoebus to work correctly.
    That is why there are no Unified drivers for it & never will be.
    No, that's because there's a different chip on the phoebus than on the rest of the asus' soundcards.

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