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    Memory Intsallation Guide Rampage IV Series

    Attached is the insert guide that can be found in the motherboard manual. If you are having trouble booting for the first time try following the guide installing one dim in the red D1 slot.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I wonder if it's possible to change this default DIMM order in the bios (somewhere in time).
    It seems that one of my red slots isn't posting my dimm anymore since I reseated everything. (I only have 12GB instead of my usual 16GB (4x4GB). Changing around the dimms indicate that the 3rd red slot is failing).

    If I could just switch to the black slots by altering some option in the bios, I wouldn't have to rma my board.
    Thoughts for future development maybe ?

    btw, the bios states that the 4 slots are filled but it only shows the partial capacity of 12GB. Strange, no ?
    edit: could this be cause by a bent cpu slot pin ?
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    Have you tried to switch the modules? Maybe your DIMM slot is OK, just one of the modules failed... anyway, it still seems that you will need to RMA something... - or, it would be one more thing you could try... the CPU!

    Have you worked around the CPU cooler lately? Sometimes uneven pressure can cause such memory problems... I would try to reseat the CPU and the cooler... and during the process would check the CPU socket pins...

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