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    Long boot up time, Problem solved.

    I was going to update my thread regarding 5 minutes long boot-up times.
    but it seems to have been deleted.

    I have the 740qm processor, 6GB 1333mghz RAM, 640GB HDD, intel 6200 wimax/wifi, ATI 5870.
    it's the G73jh-BST7
    after trying every conceivable BIOS setting with no avail.
    I tried a few other things.

    it wasn't until after removing all ASUS related software was my problem solved.

    I removed power4gear and reset all my power options the way I wanted.
    that's when my problem went seemed to be fixed.
    I think hybrid sleep was the culprit. I disabled that as well.
    everything is working fine now, boots up really really fast.

    Thanks again to Chastity for his help in my original thread.
    hope this will help anyone else with the same problem.

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