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    for attention of ASUS

    I created a new thread in case no member of asus got to read it.

    the 3xx drivers do not work with the matrix 580, I thought it was just the beta drivers but it appears the whql ones do not work either..

    can Asus investigate this and liase with nvidia to find out what the problem is please?

    for such a high-end product its not really acceptable/fair to be behind in driver releases..

    p.s I am not having a dig at asus! something just needs to be done by asus so nvidia can fix the problem?

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    Hope there will be a firmware bios update for the GTX580 Matrix soon!!! Cause i luv the card!!! But i want the best drivers too!

    PS. I got my ROG ASUS Xonar Phoebus deliverd today!! ^^

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    Just a note: you might look into adding the device ID to the driver config to see if you can get it to install manually. It's a bit of a pain to do (extract everything from installer, modify driver ini) but it will allow you to use a newer driver until Nvidia & ASUS get it fixed.
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    I started a thread before xmas I think requesting latest firmware info and got no answer as of yet, its seems to me asus has left us in the lurch, I think a new firmware needs to be addressed so the 3xx drivers can work..
    I am a little annoyed tbh I thought any isssues from the beta drivers would have been addressed in the whql one.. asus must have been aware of the 301.24 drivers did not work correct with the matrix.

    I invested in this card last year hoping I would not need a upgrade it till 2013, now it seems I may have to upgrade to a 680 if I want to get future drivers from nvidia?

    Asus please help us

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    I'll try and check this out next week otherwise I'll forward it to GFX dept for feedback.

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    thanks MarshallR, hopefully Asus can get this issue resolved soon.

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    Ye hopefully this gets sorted, kinda lame that i have to use old 296.10 drivers and even with these my matrix isnt really working like it should. with these as im getting only 810MHz clocks at stock insted of 816MHz.

    But not sure if this is really Asus only issue, after reading different forums many guys with other vendor factory overclocked GTX580 cards are having similar issues too that their clocks gets stuck for 2d ones.

    So for me it seems more like nvidia changed something in their drivers that made older series factory oc cards to flip out.

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    Matrix 580 and Nvidia Driver 300xx Series Not Working.........

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    Matrix 580 and Nvidia Driver 300xx Series Not Working.........

    Yes i to have a Matrix 580 and all drivers in the 300 series have not worked ,eg 3d clocks sticking @ 50 mhz and driver crash with GPU Tweak . Back to 296.10 again and no problems . Please can we have a fix for this. PS there is also a few Martix owners over @ Guru3D.COM that have also reported the same problem with all 300 serise drivers .
    Please help as i want to use the new drivers ,As i love my Matrix and don't want to have to change my card so soon after spending a lot of money .
    Thank You .

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    I am also having the same issues stated here so had to go back to 296.10

    The new drivers also caused GPU tweak to crash and I had to start the cards in safe mode to get my pc back up and running correctly.

    Hopefully Asus can get on to Nvidia and get this resolved as having invested in two of these cards for sli I took a pretty big investment.

    Hopefully someone can come back to use and let us know if a fix is being worked on.

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    It seems like this issue is gonna be fixed with the next nVidia driver release. I hope it works.

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