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    Asus G73JW keeps freezing(?)

    Hello I am new to the forum,
    I bought my Asus back in early December but i have been having alot of problems for some time now.
    mainly the problem is that the laptop keeps freezing(i believe this is the correct term).
    this usually happens right after i start up the computer and have logged on. i have surfed the forum and have heard that itunes may be causing the problem, so i have not yet turned on itunes yet(and it hasnt freezed! )
    but i wanted to make sure that Itune is the problem and not something else. if i remember correctly this problem started occuring after one of the asus live update. I am still not entirely sure what is causing the problem. (i have read some of the older posts but i am not sure if it is the same issue or not.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: i am currently using Itune and the laptop didnt freeze(yet?) so im not sure if Itune is really causing the problem or not.

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    Check to see that TwinTurbo is disabled. I had that lockup my JW a couple of times from TurboBoost + TwinTurbo = too high of an OC and lockup.
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    twin turbo has been turned off so it shouldnt be the cause

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    Solution Randonly locks up Asus g73jw

    Hi guys i'm new, i have a solution for this problem for all
    G73 randomly locks up (freezes)

    1) upgrade mother board driver
    2) upgrade your Realtek Audio Driver
    this audio driver seems to be d cause, idk why.

    3) upgrade firmware for seagate momentus xt

    You don't need to reinstall Creative Audio Center. I had issues with previously released drivers, But finally the issues seems to be fixed with the new Realtek Audio driver! I installed the new driver, Creative Audio Center Recognized it without any problem and I launched all programs above with enabled Subwoofer boost and no more lock up!

    plz let me know, works for me and many people.

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