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    Driver update consolidation

    I looked around a little bit and pardon me if this is already handled.

    Is there any place where I can get the current and latest drivers approved by Asus for this laptop?

    I'm getting some freezing while playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and I was wondering if I could get my drivers updated and maybe that would solve it.

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    Use Internet Explorer. Go to Use the ASUS Navigation Wizard. Choose your operating system en you will see the most recent drivers published by Asus.
    Does your laptop has these freezes with other games?

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    Did you change your original drivers to apply the latest ones from ATI ?
    If that is the case, perhaps you encounter troubles like thoses descrbes in a sticky post : G73JH GSOD vbios update.

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    The G51 has nvidia graphics, you want to use the latest drivers from nvidia and now from our support site. if you do have the latest nvidia drivers and is causing issues, you can either downgrade/use previous versions of nvidia drivers from their site or wait for the next update. its possible their drivers have conflicts from time to time and they will usually fix it or ask you to stick with the previous driver.

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