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    G73jh and ArmA 2

    Hi all!0
    I'm Italian and I signed up right now at this very interesting forum.
    Sorry for my English helped by google. :-P

    I am a holder of G73AJh TZ0166V (i7 720q, 8gb ram, 500gb momentus, hd 1080, ati 5870, bluray combo, win7)
    I updated the system (bios 213, VBIOS with overdrive, ATI Catalyst 11.1) and recently I bought the game ArmA 2 with the expansion.

    I'd like to know: what video settings used to be able to play this game properly issued some time ago?
    I hardly get it to go beyond 25fps .. and only with medium details.

    How to set distance visible? use AA or post processing? the details of normal, high or very high? How many frames per second shows an average of Fraps?

    Thank you all for any replies!

    p.s. I think I have a problem with the video card since playing with the ArmA 2 at temperatures of 102 ° C and in 5 minutes of FurMark fly to 108 ° C

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    Check and see if your fans are covered in dust. Just snap the back panel off behind the screen. it comes off easy.
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    hmmm ... I don't think it's the fault of the dust... this notebook has only 6 months of life

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    30fps average with normal details and AA deactivated.. and sometimes fps down to 15
    Bu this game is OLD!!!
    Is It Possible??

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