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    G74 - Touchpad completely unresponsive


    I have a 5-month old Asus G74SX-XN1. Only this morning, my touchpad stopped working completely. I had left the notebook on overnight, as I usually do, and since I tried to use it this morning, the cursor doesn't move, the right and left buttons don't do anything, and generally it is unresponsive in every way. Sometimes this would happen for a few short seconds if I closed and opened the cover (which I have set to do nothing otherwise), so I waited it out, but obviously nothing changed. Since, I have tried disabling and enabling it using the Fn key, restarting, System Restore, updating drivers, all to no avail.

    My mouse properties tell me it's a Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad (10/14/2011). The driver version is

    I should probably mention that the touchpad has been problematic in the past - the cursor suddenly starting to jump around, which I collect is a common problem. It was quite annoying, but I could get around it with a quick restart or just by using an external usb mouse. However, if this persists, it will be an extreme inconvenience.

    Suggestions are very welcome. I have to say, while I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the notebook otherwise and would make the same choice again, I think it quite unfortunate that the touchpad is terrible.

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    If I were in your situation, I would try uninstalling the Sentelic driver from "Control Panel - Uninstall a program", then REBOOT to let Windows 7 install its Plug-N-Play touchpad driver. If the touchpad was still unresponsive with the Microsoft driver, I'd enter the BIOS, confirm the touchpad is not disabled there, and "Load Optimized Defaults (F9) then Save & Exit.

    If that failed, I'd say a few kind words and bury it in the backyard...
    Actually, I would probably RMA the laptop and request they replace with a Synaptics touchpad.
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    if i were you i would ship to ASUS. I did (waited 4 weeks) and they replaced the crap sentellic touchpad for the synaptics one! It's a complete different machine.

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