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    help needed problem with gene 4.

    I was building my pc today and am not certain if the mob is faulty or not? I have put everything in place just to find out that when I switched the psu on there was no signal to the tower from MOB and no POST. I used Seasonic 1250w and storm trooper as a case. After some time I noticed that when I start my psu the mob's Q.led lights dont iluminate or blink, I don't get any sound from the case speeker as well. Started striping it down but even when I got it copletly stripped the q.led's didn't respond. My other parts are I7 3930, 2*ssd crucial *256GB, segate baracuda 3TB, Nvidia 690, Plantek cpu cooler, 4*4gb vengance ram. Any sugestions will be appreciated as I have not build a system for quite a few years and might have connected something wrong. Tried stripping it to the mob - no posting, added cpu- same, heatsink -same, ram -same. Do i need to add my GPU or it should post without that.

    Power was connected properly. 24pin and 4/8 pin conectors were connected from the psu. What woried me was that even when the mob was stripped of all the other components it did not POST or made a sound through the mic. PSU is fine and works with another system. Does that mean that my MOB is dead? Motherboard asus rampage4 gene, ram corsair low profile vengence.
    I will ask my question in a another way: What is the minimum system requirement in order for the motherboard to start posting? Will it start posting if it is stripped down fully and report that there is a problem with some of the components that are actualy missing? Will the Q leds light up?
    Or does it need to have a cpu, heatsink and at least 1 stick of ram to be able to start posting? Lets not forget we are talking about ASUS rampage 4 Gene. Just in case someone will wonder I have done the paperclip test, psu is fine as is the case, so thes 2 are working. When I had my system assembled fully and presed the power on button on the case nothing was happening. Now I know for sure that the case and the psu are 100% working. So the conclusion from that would be that the MOB is not accepting the signal in order to power up. Does that mean that this is why it is not posting as it is not turned on?
    If so then should it turn itsellf on when the start button on the mob is pressed and start posting then?
    Hope now my question makes more sense.

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    Welcome to the ROG forum!

    It seems that your mobo has died... I would RMA it as soon as it is possible. Or, if you got it from a local store, you could take it back for them to test it.

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