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    oh yeah and az has almost no humidity ever

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    So here is a scenario/question. He is in Arizona, may/may not have AC but Ambient air temp is 90F. If in a closed room at initial ambient with a system running 24/7 wouldn't the ambient air temp slowly rise due to heat given off by the machine? Or is the efficiency of the cooling system 100% (This is assuming he is not using a TEC or putting the rad in a cooler environment)
    Yes, the heat produced by a computer is added to the ambient temp. In a closed room it may increase the ambient temp - but this also depends on the A/C efficiency, if it can keep up then nothing will happen (just will be on for longer time), if it's too much then the ambient temp will rise...

    About "I ask this because I'm freezing my butt off at 70F (think long underwear/jeans/hoodie) and comfortable at 90F with decently high humidity. The "So, you have an A/C and your room temps still vary in that big range (even getting 90)?! I'm telling you, humans were not designed for higher room temps than 76-78... Anything above it is considered heavy physical work... even if you're just sleeping at that temps..." comment cracked me up LOL!!!" will PM you shortly...


    i may have to downgrade to a 3770k system if the cooling gets expensive
    The thing is that Ivy Bridge (3770k) has a weaker thermal design than Sandy Bridge-E (3930k) has... So actually downgrading to it may not help you too much...

    the outdoor temp is up to 130degrees Fahrenheit my ac i can onl bring it to like 75 ambient without killing the ac bill
    I do understand this - however if you want "alot of overclocking" as you stated in your first post, you do need lower temps...

    oh yeah and az has almost no humidity ever
    This may be your lucky thing... just don't forget that in your home actually you may have different/higher humidity levels than outside...

    BTW, the low humidity may explain why you can support so high ambient temps...

    So, as I said before, you could play around and experiment the best way for you. If you're running the radiators in a lower temp environment and expecting the coolant to go lower than the system's ambient temp, then just prepare your system as you would run it on LN2 - put absorbent pads/paper towels everywhere and see what happens...

    Or just keep everything inside and the limit for your OC will be at the level the ambient temps would allow...

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