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    G73SW Monitor Problem


    I've mi G73SW and I love this computer, but, a days ago they start to switch the color black for green, so is impossible to play with ALL green, seems to be a monitor problem, because if i connect it via VGA or HDMI to an external monitor, the problem not occur, I'm in Argentina so not official server here, where I can buy a new lcd monitor or a part to change it?

    Is a hardware problem, or could be a bad connected monitor cable? How can I check it?


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    I'm from argentina as well and had a similar issue. I think it was just the cable, because the problem was gone after applying some pressure where the cable is located. I would suggest before you try to buy a screen to try to do the same procedure. Look up for a disassembly video of your particular model. Watch where the cable is located. And apply some pressure there. If you do this while it is on and you see it flicker, then it is most probably that. Just remove the keyboard (not necessary to do it completely) and apply some pressure on the metal plate where the cable is located, I actually felt that i pushed it in a little bit,that fixed my problem for now. I hope it does for you too.


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    Hi @mataqs4

    I would try the advice to @brecker and see if that fixes your issue with the screen.
    Guide about how to disassemble G73
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