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    I just got my system running for the first time today. It is my first build. As far as I know everything works great but I am unable to connect with ROG or I should say that I don't know how?!?! Formula IV, 1090t, XFX HD 6870. My laptop recognizes the connection but do I need to install the driver or something?!?! Please help! Great board, I couldn't be happier with it, Hard to believe what some of you used to have had to go through to OC and optimize your systems. Thanks in advance!

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    OK, i got it, RC Tweakit, had some post haste. That's a pretty neat feature. It would be awesome if I could change the multiplier or see the actual speed that my cpu cores are running at though. I understand that changing the multiplier more than likely requires a reboot but I wouldn't think calculating my core speed would be too much to ask, so I guess I still need to use my brain and do the math I would like to know more about the PCIE frequency and what are some attainable #'s to run. My card has a stock clock speed of 900Mhz and I have no thermal telepathy in place. Anyone in here care to enlighten me with a safe frequency or could at least explain the pros/cons of doing such? I will be trying out MSI Afterburner software today so that may shed a little light on it.
    "XFX HD 6870 1Gb"

    I ran my Windows Experience Index and got a 5.9 because of my 3Gb/s harddrives otherwise it's a 7.6, very nice!

    One other concern is I would like to format one of my HDDs. Is there any way to boot from flash drive in order to format the hard disk? I was in BIOS and from what I could tell I can only set my primary boot sequence according to devices coupled to the SATA controllers, thoughts?

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