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    AntiMatter Guru ROG Array chrsplmr's Avatar
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    Jul 2011

    What do 'We' think of the New Asus TaiChi?

    Mr. Shih .... Presenting the TaiChi ... he kills me. Cudos Sir.c.

    1920x1080 screen.

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    TeamROG Moderator Array xeromist PC Specs
    xeromist PC Specs
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    It doesn't fit my usage patterns but I hope it does well with people torn between tablet and ultra light.
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    ROG Guru: Orange Belt Array Granger PC Specs
    Granger PC Specs
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    Looks pretty cool, now all they need to do is to combine the Padphone and the TaiChi and they will have a pretty perfect multi purpose tool.

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    I'm very impressed by the new Asus Hybrid notebook

    It makes me think, if it was possible, change the screen on my G73 and get a screen on both sides on it
    It would be so awesome.... besides of the thickness as a "tablet" :P
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    AntiMatter Guru ROG Array chrsplmr's Avatar
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    ... and that's 1920x1080.... early reports ive read say... 11" and 13" models.

    Yes indeed .. what next ? yum.

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    imMortal Kombatant Array Myk SilentShadow PC Specs
    Myk SilentShadow PC Specs
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    Quote Originally Posted by Granger View Post
    Looks pretty cool, now all they need to do is to combine the Padphone and the TaiChi and they will have a pretty perfect multi purpose tool.
    Now why the heck would they do that? add all that extra tech into it and the sucker is gonna weigh a tonne. The PadPhone is great as it is, i'm gonna upgrade my phone to it when it lands in Aus in August.

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    Personally, I don't think we'll see this unit past concept.

    It's a really cool concept but I'm not sure if it's something that will sell well.

    I also don't think if it ever comes out we'll see it in the US market.

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    AntiMatter Guru ROG Array chrsplmr's Avatar
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    Shawnnepc... Welcome to ROG.

    I hope your wrong Sir. I can think of Thousands of practical
    uses for this. (Pharma Reps for one.)
    And the Turn-the-Laptop-into-a-Tablet crowd have been around
    for years ..(hpT1000, Lifebooks..ect..) and these are ultra light ...
    a second 'screen' adds almost no weight... almost.

    Of course my idea of 'portable' has a HDprojector on a helmet,
    a 50lb. backpack and mouse/keyboard gloves.. hahaha .c.
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    You know, this is what the Transformer Prime should have been...and where ASUS has always wanted to go. It will kick the that thing compares with the Transformer? I would take a few bets that the TaiChi will sell better than Microsoft's own slate. Theirs will be so hard to use with the rubber keyboard, and the ASUS will be just about perfect. Maybe a 9-10 inch model to replace ASUS netbooks?

    @chrsplmr, you never cease to entertain me. I just love your sense of humor. Keep it up matey!

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    ROG Guru: Yellow Belt Array Silver Wolf PC Specs
    Silver Wolf PC Specs
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    Actually Zyg the IPad 3 is a big competitor for the Transformer prime. Now before anyone starts thinking im an apple fanboy my PC is custom built by yours truly, my phone is a Galaxy S and I own 2 Transformer Primes. Personally I find the prime to be better but I work in IT so that generally goes without saying. However a lot of people and you can look at the reviews if you don't believe me favour the Pad 3. The Slate will be the only thing that can stop Windows 8 from going the way of Vista.

    As for the TaiChi though I like it, I can see it being very useful as a PoS device and it may make Win 8 a bit of a success for Microsoft. I can see this doing quite well.

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